Annie Matte

For my entire professional career, I’ve been at work helping disability rights organizations get their messages out into the community via social media, advertising, and events. My most recent job at Disability Rights Iowa was extremely rewarding because I got to mix my disability rights work and civic engagement into one role. I was able to educate voters with disabilities on their civil rights and let them know about DRI in the process. I enjoy being able to work for agencies that have a tangible impact on the world.



I enjoy writing so much that I unintentionally qualified for a second major in college. I had taken enough English classes for fun that I was able to graduate from Drake with two degrees. I have since worked as a copy editor, publications editor, and communications manager. I enjoy working with other writers to shine their pieces to a professional polish.


I got my first taste of advocacy work when I helped establish a GSA in my high school. Our principal was against the idea, and fought us every step of the way. I also worked with my father as he advocated for himself when he faced accessibility barriers. After moving to Iowa, I was given wonderful opportunities to advocate for accessible news and voters’ rights. To me, advocacy is an answer to injustice.

Graphic Design

I have been a graphic designer since childhood. My blind father led sports programs for children with visual disabilities, and I would help make brochures for classes and events. When I went to college, I worked with multiple organizations to develop accessible design. In my professional career, I have dedicated myself to design accessibility.


I enjoy making videos as accessible as possible. Much of my videography is aimed at educating Iowans about different opportunities, programs, and rights. So far, I have been lucky, because all of my employers have shared the same accessibility goals as I have.


Communications And Voting Outreach Coordinator – Disability Rights Iowa

2018 – 2021

In my time at DRI, I was able to launch a variety of different projects and campaigns. I partnered with international app developers, government officials, Iowans with disabilities, and other marketing professionals. I also ran DRI’s social media marketing strategy, and had a hand in their website redesign.

Volunteer Coordinator – IRIS

2015 – 2017

Working at IRIS, I was able to recruit and train volunteers, work on podcast audio, and produce radio segments. Additionally, I gained experience in lobbying, networking, and using Braille.

Publications Editor – The Harkin Institute

2016 – 2018

While I worked at The Harkin Institute, I had the privilege to staff an international summit on disability employment. I also got to manage social media profiles and work on an accessibility map of Drake University’s campus.

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