Cover of The Voting Accessibility Quick Check.

Accessibility Quick Check Guide

front and back pages of accessibility guide detailing areas of a polling place that should be checked for accessibility. back panel describes Disability Rights Iowa as an organization, front panel depicts a wheelchair user moving underneath the 'Quick Check' title.

Inside of booklet. First panel details the importance of making polling places accessible, and setting up the accessible voting machines. second panel details accessibility checks and fixed for outside of the polling place. Third panel depicts the same for the polling place entrances, fourth dictates the same for inside the polling place.


Between the 2020 caucuses and the November election, I had the privilege to work with Margot Stevens to make an accessibility quick check guide for poll workers to use day-of to find – and fix – any accessibility issues.

The idea for this guide came after an incident involving a close friend, who could not access his polling place because of a large crack in the sidewalk that his wheelchair could not go safely over. Together with Margot and Disability Rights Iowa, we made an educational and practical guide for poll workers to use.

Ideally, polling places are checked every two years for accessibility. However, weather events, construction, and other events can modify and change the sidewalks and structures of polling places in between those two years. This guide was distributed to every precinct in Iowa, and all 99 county auditors were trained on its use.

Additionally, this guide won a Clearie Award for Election Accessibility from the EAC, and the National Disability Rights Network recognize it with an award at their 2021 conference.